We like to take our time to make a truly great whisky using only the highest quality ingredients


We make our whisky in the North-West of Tasmania, a small island to the south of the Australian Continent.  Tasmania is a land of pristine wilderness, fertile soils and the purest air and water.  The rich volcanic soil of Northern Tasmania gives life to our high quality grain combined with the purity of water, it was inevitable that the founders of Cradle Mountain Whisky in 1989 were able to begin the creation of a very fine single malt whisky.

Our water collected at the foothills, begins it’s journey from the isolated craggy peaks of the Tasmanian Highlands and helps to produce the unique, smooth taste of Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky.

DSC00683 Quality ingredients coupled with the determination and vision of our dedicated people result in a whisky of unparalled smoothness.


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